Audio-who? Audioboo.

4 07 2010

I don’t know about you, but I rarely listen to the radio anymore. Why would I take a gamble turning on the monopolized radio when I can plug in my iPod and be sure I’m going to hear good music? Well I know I’m not the only one who feels this way because traditional radio is on the decline. More and more people feel like they have lost the personal connection radio listeners used to feel and are turning to new media sources of audio content like Pandora and Audioboo. If you’re like me and had not heard of Audioboo, allow me to fill you in.

Ok, I know that’s not the best explanation of Audioboo (there’s a much better one on their website) but you get the idea. It appears as though Audioboo is still developing, but the concept of an audio-like Twitter is quite fascinating. On a side note, this technology could be very valuable to companies who use a lot of audio in their communication strategies. But more importantly to radio, this has the potential to put people in charge of audio content in a social platform. If the radio is willing to participate in online conversations and adopt social media like Audioboo into their content, perhaps they could prevent the decline of radio by engaging listeners.

Radio stations have been conversing with listeners by allowing them to call in for years now. But now people are using these new channels to let themselves be heard and traditional radio must realize this if they want to survive. This is critical for radio stations trying to reach younger demographics. By creating Twitter, Facebook, and Audioboo accounts, radio stations could open valuable channels for increasing social engagement with their audiences and perhaps revive some life back into radio.

What do you think about Audioboo; do you believe it has the potential to revive radio? How do you feel about radio stations incorporating social media into their content? Would you listen to the radio more often if you were able to participate via social media?




3 responses

12 07 2010
Christine Lewandowski

This is amazing! I had never heard of AudioBoo before, but I can totally see the potential it has in the radio business. I am a radio listener myself (mostly in the car to and from work) but I will admit I have never called in before because I don’t want to sit on hold to talk to someone.

However, with this new social media tool listener could send in comments, requests, and answers to various radio trivia games and such. They wouldn’t have to wait on hold and could plan out what they are going to say so they won’t sound like an idiot on the radio (like so many that do). Additionally radio stations would have easy access to archives of what listeners are say and could easily edit them into their daily shows.

I’m intrigued.

18 07 2010
Eric Gustafson

I like the ideas Christine gave about sending in requests, trivia, etc., although I don’t think it’s going to save radio. I like you, Sean, avoid the radio like the plague. It seems like everyone has an iPod these days and increasingly more people have built in or third party adapters in their cars.

Pandora, Last.FM, and other internet based sites are also taking over by storm. Listeners can play music by similar artists, songs, genres, etc. and also mix in other artists, songs and genres. Sites like allow people to connect and recommend music to others. I often find new music I like on sites like these and really don’t have much like with radio where I hear less than stellar “top 40” music.

Audioboo definitely has viable uses though; possibilities such as company wide memos would be great use for Audioboo.

19 07 2010
Sean Munley

Yes, I am very curious to see what the future of Audioboo has in store. I would not be surprised if people used it as a social network to communicate messages with friends and family as well (but who knows). Just for your information, another good online source for music is Grooveshark. It allows you to search and store songs from an enormous database.

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