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Sean Munley


Munleysm {at} gmail {dot} com
Munleysm {at} dukes {dot} jmu {dot} com


  • Sean Munley recently graduated in May of 2011 from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
  • He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts & Design with a concentration in Corporate Communication and a minor in Sport Communication.
  • Throughout Sean’s time in the School of Media Arts and Design, he developed an array of skills in social media and corporate communication. Some of these skills include strategic communication planing, collaborating within a wiki, and social media communication.
  • Sean is currently working a practicum with JMU Athletics Communications where he is responsible for various tasks including website management, writing and editing stories, researching social media strategies, and photo organization.
  • Sean is currently freelancing while he is searching for long term employment in social media management, consulting, human resources, public relations, and the like.


  • Introduction to Corporate Communication: In this class, Sean learned the fundamentals of corporate communication and applied them to real-world problems. Sean successfully collaborated within a group by using a wiki for the first time and practiced presenting research in both oral and written forms. He also learned corporate communication best practices and how to create a strategic communications plan.
  • Information & Communication Technologies: Sean further expanded his knowledge and experience of corporate communications in this class. He worked within a group using only a wiki to create a podcast and blog analysis that you can find in the multimedia section below. Sean even created a professional blog that analyzed how traditional media are utilizing social media.
  • Fundamental Skills in Media Arts & Designs I & II: These classes taught Sean the fundamental principles of design and how to use Adobe Creative Suite. He used this software to single handedly create a film, a magazine cover, websites, and more.
  • News Writing: This class taught Sean how to write and report news writing for the first time. He learned how to comfortably interview strangers and ask appropriate questions to formulate a news story. Sean demonstrated his new skills by going into the field and writing thorough news stories on a dog show and Art in the Park in Staunton, Virginia.
  • Media Analysis & Criticism: Sean strengthened his research and writing skills in this class by researching, analyzing, and critiquing the media. He wrote a research paper critiquing Clear Channel and another analyzing Comcast and network neutrality.
  • Intro to Sport Communication: Sean learned how to apply his knowledge of corporate communication to the field of sport communication by writing press releases, conducting a mock press conference with a group, and by listening to an array of sport communicators in the field.
  • Principles of Advertising: By creating and presenting an articulate advertising campaign with a group to a panel of professionals, Sean proved he could apply the principles of advertising that he learned in this course.
  • The Media Arts: Culture By Design: Sean learned about visual communication and how images are used to portray ideas, information, or other messages through signs, typography, film, graphic design, photography, art, illustrations, and drawing. He also learned the historical progression of each perspective of visual communication and how this subject is used in the media today.
  • Mass Communication Law: Sean learned about laws concerning defamation, copyrights, privacy, new sources, the FCC, advertising, and more by analyzing current events and previous court cases.
  • Managing Corporate Communications: Expandied on previously learned concepts like the strategic planning process, disciplines within a typical corporate communications department, public relations, management, and leadership.


  • Sean created a magazine cover in one of his courses at James Madison University using Adobe Photoshop.

  • Sean also created a short (poorly edited) film in iMovie.
  • This is was a practice advertisement that Sean designed using Adobe InDesign.

  • Sean created some simple logos for a friends band using Adobe Illustrator.
    FKBS Straight
  • Sean has always been passionate about music and has pursued this passion by creating hundreds of beats and music samples using software. Although this sample was made using FruityLoops, Sean is currently learning Logic Pro so that he can transition his skills into a more professional software. (It unfortunately lost sound quality during the upload.)

Positive BlendsMusic Codes

  • This is a blog and podcast analysis that Sean helped create in his Information and Communication Technologies class. His group collaborated and produced this paper using only a wiki.


  • The Finish Line: Sean demonstrates his communication skills at The Finish Line by serving patrons with ease and managing the sales floor. By consistently ranking as a top sales associate, he leads by example. As a student and a part time worker, Sean shows that he is able to manage his time and responsibilities without confliction.
  • Fairfax County Park Authority: Sean began developing his customer service and communication skills at Burke Lake Park where he worked for 3 years. Sean helped a variety of diverse customers and solved various problems throughout the park.
  • Lancaster Landscapes: As Sean’s first job, he demonstrated that he was a hard worker that could handle responsibility and work in a diverse work environment. At only 15 years old, Sean worked full time doing manual labor in the summer heat. Since this job, Sean has consistently held a job and has never been fired.


  • Sean is a member of the IABC Club, James Madison University Chapter. Although this chapter is only entering its first full-year at JMU, Sean plans to be a leader by running for a chair position next semester.
  • As a member of SMAD Club, Sean helps market and promote club events.
  • Sean successfully collaborated with a geographically dispersed team by using a wiki for numerous projects.
  • He is comfortable using a variety of social media including Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Blogger, Digg, and more. He remains active in social media to gain experience and is currently working on a humor blog in his spare time.
  • Sean is experienced with Mac computers and software including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, iMovie, Logic Pro, and GarageBand.
  • He is also experienced with PC computers and software including, but not limited to, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and FruityLoops.
  • Sean recently acquired a 35mm SLR camera and has begun pursuing photography as a hobby.
  • Sean can speak and understand basic Spanish.
  • While in high school, Sean completed a CareerSafe training course that taught him safe practices in a general work environment.


  • “Sean is the perfect model for what a Finish Line sales associate should be. He has shown time and time again that he can succeed no matter how man times we change company initiatives. His ability to adapt and relate to many diverse customers is uncanny.”  – Harry Nguyen, Finish Line Store Manager in Fairfax, Virginia.

Please feel free to contact Sean with any questions, comments, or job inquiries!


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