Social Media Is No Joke. Wait, Yes It Is.

2 07 2010

It’s no secret that people are turning to the internet for news and entertainment more and more everyday. Although television is still the number one source for gathering news, the internet ranks at third behind newspapers. So what is television doing to stop this trend? Well television stations like Comedy Central are creating shows that directly incorporate social media into their shows. And it is hilarious.

Daniel Tosh has created quite the buzz with his appropriately titled show, Tosh.0. In the show, he uses Twitter and Youtube as the basis of his comic material. Not only does he have a talent for finding the most ludicrous videos online and cracking hilarious jokes about them in his weekly “Video Breakdowns“, but he also allows viewers to participate in the show by submitting homemade videos. He even allows people who have been humiliated online to redeem (or sometimes further humiliate) themselves in his “Web Redemptions.” In one skit titled “Twitten By“, Tosh even let his audience collaborate via Twitter to create a random story.

Tosh.0 has accomplished a feat that no other television show has done before: it is the first television series with social media as the foundation for the entire show. But Tosh has also managed to keep his audience engaged off the television screen. Fans can follow him on Twitter (@danieltosh) or check out his blog that he updates hourly. Thats right, he updates it hourly between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. I encourage anyone who has not heard of Daniel Tosh to check him out Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central but fair warning: often times his humor is dirty, offensive, and hysterical.

If Tosh.0 continues to attract millions of viewers, do you think more televisions shows will adopt similar formats as Tosh.0 in the future? Would you like it if they did, or would you prefer your television entertainment to stay traditional (one-way communication)?

Note: I tried to embed one of Tosh’s video breakdowns but since his videos are not on youTube, it would not allow me to. You can check it out here if you please.